Chamber of the House of Representatives in 2018

The Idaho House of Representatives is the lower chamber of the Idaho State Legislature. It consists of 70 representatives elected to two-year terms. The state is divided into 35 districts, each of which elects two representatives to separate seats.[2] It meets at the Idaho State Capitol in Boise, Idaho, in the State Capitol Building.[3]

Idaho House

Composition of the House

The Idaho House of Representatives has been continuously controlled by the Republican Party since the late 1950s, usually by a wide margin. Democrats picked up six seats in the 2006 elections. In the 2010 elections Republicans won back many of those seats, gaining five. In the 2012 elections, the first election after redistricting in 2011, Democrats gained two seats in Ada County, but Republicans offset those gains by winning a seat in Bannock County and a seat in the district representing the Democratic stronghold Blaine County. In 2014, two Republican incumbents representing swing districts in North Central Idaho lost re-election, but picked up one seat previously held by a Democrat in the same region for net loss for Republicans of one seat.


(Shading indicates majority caucus)
63rd Legislature (2015–16)5614700
64th Legislature (2017–18)5911700
65th Legislature (2019–20)5614700
Beginning of 66th Legislature (2021)5812700
Latest voting share83%17%

Leadership in the 65th Legislature

SpeakerScott BedkeRepublican27
Majority LeaderMike MoyleRepublican14
Assistant Majority LeaderJason MonksRepublican13
Majority Caucus ChairMegan BlanksmaRepublican22
Minority LeaderIllana RubelDemocratic18
Assistant Minority LeaderJohn McCrostieDemocratic16
Minority Caucus ChairElaine SmithDemocratic29

Members of the Idaho House of Representatives

DistrictSeatRepresentativePartyResidenceCountiesTermTook Office
1AHeather ScottRepublicanBlanchardBoundary, Part of Bonner4th2014
BSage DixonSandpoint4th2014
2AVito BarbieriRepublicanDalton GardensPart of Kootenai6th2010
BDoug OkuniewiczHayden1st2020
3ARon MendiveRepublicanCoeur d’AlenePart of Kootenai5th2012
BTony WisniewskiPost Falls2nd2018
4AJim AddisRepublicanCoeur d’AlenePart of Kootenai2nd2018
BPaul AmadorCoeur d’Alene3rd2016
5ABrandon MitchellRepublicanMoscow1st2020
BCaroline Nilsson TroyGenesee4th2014
6ALori McCannRepublicanLewistonLewis, Nez Perce1st2021
BMike KingsleyRepublicanLewistonLewis, Nez Perce3rd2016
7APriscilla GiddingsRepublicanWhite BirdClearwater, Idaho, Shoshone,

Part of Bonner

BCharlie ShepherdPollock1st2020
8ATerry GestrinRepublicanDonnellyBoise, Custer, Gem, Lemhi, Valley5th2012
BDorothy MoonStanley3rd2016
9ARyan KerbyRepublicanNew PlymouthAdams, Payette, Washington,

Part of Canyon

BJudy BoyleMidvale7th2008
10AJulie YamamotoRepublicanCaldwell1st2020
BGregory ChaneyCaldwell4th2014
11AScott SymeRepublicanWilderPart of Canyon3rd2016
BTammy NicholsCaldwell2nd2018
12ABruce SkaugRepublicanNampaPart of Canyon1st2020
BRick YoungbloodNampa5th2012
13ABrent CraneRepublicanNampaPart of Canyon8th2006
BBen AdamsNampa1st2020
14AMike MoyleRepublicanStarPart of Ada12th1998
BGayann DeMordauntEagle3rd2016
15ASteve BerchDemocraticBoisePart of Ada2nd2018
BCodi GallowayRepublicanBoise1st2020
16AJohn McCrostieDemocraticGarden CityPart of Ada4th2014
BColin NashBoise1st2020
17AJohn GannonDemocraticBoisePart of Ada5th2012
BSue ChewBoise8th2006
18AIlana RubelDemocraticBoisePart of Ada4th2012
BBrooke GreenBoise2nd2018
19ALauren NecocheaDemocraticBoisePart of Ada2nd2019
BChris MathiasBoise1st2020
20AJoe PalmerRepublicanMeridianPart of Ada7th2008
BJames HoltzclawMeridian5th2012
21ASteven HarrisRepublicanMeridianPart of Ada5th2013
BGreg FerchBoise1st2020
22AJohn Vander WoudeRepublicanMeridianPart of Ada6th2010
BJason MonksMeridian5th2012
23AMatthew BundyRepublicanMountain Home1st2020
BMegan BlanksmaHammett3rd2016
24ALance ClowRepublicanTwin FallsPart of Twin Falls5th2012
BLinda Wright HartgenTwin Falls2nd2018
25ALaurie LickleyRepublicanJeromeJerome, Part of Twin Falls2nd2018
BClark KauffmanFiler5th2012
26ANed BurnsDemocraticHaileyBlaine, Camas, Gooding, Lincoln2nd2021
BSally TooneGooding3rd2016
27AScott BedkeRepublicanOakleyCassia, Minidoka11th2000
BFred WoodBurley8th2006
28ARandy ArmstrongRepublicanInkomPower, Part of Bannock3rd2016
BKevin AndrusLava Hot Springs2nd2018
29ADustin ManwaringRepublicanPocatello1st2020
BJames RuchtiDemocraticPocatello1st2020
30AGary MarshallRepublicanIdaho FallsPart of Bonneville2nd2018
BWendy HormanIdaho Falls5th2012
31ADavid CannonRepublicanBlackfoot1st2020
BJulianne YoungBlackfoot2nd2018
32AMarc GibbsRepublicanGraceBear Lake, Caribou, Franklin,

Oneida,Teton, Part of Bonneville

BChad ChristensenIdaho Falls2nd2018
33ABarbara EhardtRepublicanIdaho FallsPart of Bonneville3rd2017
BMarco EricksonIdaho Falls1st2020
34AJon WeberRepublicanRexburg1st2020
BRon NateRexburg1st2020
35AKarey HanksRepublicanSt. Anthony1st2020
BRod FurnissRigby2nd2018

Past composition of the House of Representatives

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